Air-to-Air / Air-to-Hydraulic Intensifiers

'Single shot' design incorporates various ratios between the air piston (supply) and intensified air or oil (output). The simple design offers a quick response and trouble free operation. The cylinder strokes are made to order and dictate output volume. The optional stainless steel output cylinder can handle a wide range of liquids. Contact Bimba for seal compatibility.

  • Quick response times
  • Many cylinder options available
  • Intensified material can be oil or other media
  • Air-to-air designs magnify initial PSI by 4 times or more, with output forces up to 250 PSI
  • Air-to-hydraulic designs magnify initial PSI up to 7 times, with up to 400 PSI output forces
  • Strokes are the same in each cylinder


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -