Mead Series Single Acting Air Clamps

Mead Series single acting air clamps provide gripping power on the out stroke and spring retraction. They are ideal for use in drill fixtures, bending, forming, crimping, and pressing operations. Because 3-way valves may be used, hook-ups are quick and easy.  Some air clamps are supplied with an adjustable front head so the stroke may be adjusted by as much as one inch.

  • Pressure:  Air to 150 PSI
  • Temperature:  -40° to +125°
  • Seal Material:  Custom molded one piece neoprene cups
  • Body:  Aluminum on adj. models, cast iron on H-12/H-283, cast aluminum on others
  • Rod:  Nitrotec plated steel on 1 inch bore models, ground and polished on all others
  • Filtration:  40µ minimum


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -