Mitsubishi HG-KR Series Servo Motors

HG-KR Series high performance servo motors are the perfect fit for small capacity, general purpose industrial applications. Smooth rotation is achieved even during low-speed operation owing to the optimized combination of the numbers of the motor poles and the slots. Maximum torque is 350%* of the rated torque, and high torque is achieved during high-speed. HG-KR motors feature many of the same benefits of the HG-JR Series motors.

  • Small capacity with low inertia
  • Well suited for material handling systems, robots and X-Y tables
  • Wide ranging output capacities from 50 to 750 W, with rated speed of 3000 - 6000 r/min 
  • IP65 rated standard
  • Standard 22-bit absolute position encoder
  • 4,194,304 pulses per revolution for increased positioning accuracy


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -