Custom Vacuum Manifold - Fixed Length - VMF Series

Fixed Length Vacuum Manifolds are designed to meet specific customer application requirements. VMF manifolds offer the flexibility to create the most efficient and economic vacuum manifold system to meet their automation environment. In many applications, a variety of pneumatic components such as venturi vacuum cartridges, solenoid valves, check valves, vacuum switches, pressure regulators and ball valves are combined to make a complete pneumatic circuit offering both vacuum and pressure.

  • Custom designed – you choose size, shape, options and performance specifications
  • Economic – instant vacuum as needed, minimal air consumption
  • Easy to install – pre-assembled with customer specified connections
  • Precise control – individual electrical connections
  • Can be designed for new or existing equipment
  • Independent or common vacuum and air supply lines

or assistance designing a custom VMF Series Fixed Length Vacuum Manifold contact the Bimba Technical Support Team at 508-359-7200 or click here to email the team.

Pump Options

  • Independent or common vacuum and air supply lines
  • Choice of port sizes and locations – simplify connections, plumbing flexibility and tubing sizes
  • Push to Connect fittings and/or threaded ports
  • G Port threads for metric machines
  • Mini and Mid Series interchangeable venturi cartridges – application versatility
  • Individual pumps or single manifold block – for easy assembly or add-on capabilities
  • Size and shape – to meet customer specifications or existing machine footprint
  • Internal check valves for holding vacuum or allowing atmospheric air in
  • Vacuum switches/sensors with quick disconnect for reliable part detection
  • Choice of operating pressures to meet machine and factory air supply
  • Control valves (24 VDC) for precise control of vacuum and blow-off
  • Vacuum gauges for visual monitoring
  • Silencers for quiet, safe operation
  • Custom materials available for chemical compatibility, heat and environmental requirements, food and medical applications –consult factory


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -