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Bimba’s Electric Motion products (Intek) provide heavy-duty, precise electric motion capabilities for some of the most challenging applications. With various styles available from rodless, rodstyle, compact, guided thrusters, rack and pinion to robots and presses, Bimba has the solution for a broad range of applications. Bimba offers the total package deal with motors, switches, and much more. With our partnership with Mitsubishi Electric, we are able to over more motor options than even before.



Bimba Centaur cylinders are built to match tie-rod performance, but are up to 45% less expensive and offer lubrication-free service.

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Low Stress types are for high production applications where operator fatigue is a concern.

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Heavy Duty Welded Steel Frame Presses

Economical air powered presses reduce production costs by automating crimping, heat sealing, bending, forming, pressing, swaging, riveting and burnishing operations.

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Nova Rugged Industry Series

Nova 4-way directional control valves offer a state-of-the-art air valve design.

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Compact Electric Actuators

Bimba’s compact electric actuators are designed to save space for your machine design. These actuators feature step motors for ease of use, simple design, and provide a compact envelope to fit into limited spaces and offer three different model types.

Guided Thruster Electric Actuators

Bimba’s guided thrusters are offered in a standard duty and heavy duty option. These actuators are ideal for applications where inducing side load upon the actuator is part of the process keeping the load away from the bearing of the actuator.

Rod Style Electric Actuators

Bimba’s rod style electric actuators have a lead screw design that provides an excellent options for vertical applications with no brake requirement. The actuators feature a built-in non-rotating rod that eliminates the need for external guides. These actuators are easily customizable with motor, rod end, and mounting options to simplify design.

Rodless Belt-Driven Electric Actuators

Bimba’s rodless belt-driven electric actuators have a unique arc-belt design that provides best in class speed and thrust characteristics. These actuators feature a standard high precision reinforced belt for speeds up to 5 meters per second.

Rodless Ballscrew Electric Actuators

Bimba’s rodless electric actuators is a precision-rolled ballscrew and is ideal for high thrust applications. We offer several models that provide the highest thrust per unit size. These actuators have a built-in linear ball rail guide that is self-lubricated and maintenance-free. With configurable motor mounting options, additional reduction, space saving, and adaptability to motors is available.

Rack & Pinion Electric Actuators

Rack & Pinion actuators utilize anodized aluminum tool plates and bodies, reducing weight, increasing speed as well as simplifying mounting. Bimba offers a round (TRP Series) and a square rail (RS Series) bearing system that provides high force and high moment loading. The TRP Series provides a versatile actuator mounting enabling motion of either rod ends or platen.

Linear Robots

Bimba’s H-Bot and T-bot IntelliAxis Robots have a unique one belt design that provides two axes of motion which are ideal for high speed motion profiles. These robots feature a unique arc-belt power design that self-aligns for a smooth, quiet motion. The high precision steel reinforced belt provides zero backlash along with a built-in linear ball rail guides that is maintenance-free and provides a long life expectancy.

Electric Production Press

The IntelliPress Bench Top Electric Press compliments our wide range of presses providing complete control over process speed, pressing force, and home position location. With a fully electric design, this press is energy efficient and provides infinitely variable position control within stroke range. This press is offered in three sizes and can provide compression or tension force for your application.

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