Tech Talk - New Bimba Pneumatic Inline Valves and Sub-Base Manifold Valves

Tech Talk:

New Bimba Pneumatic Inline Valves and Sub-Base Manifold Valves

The new inline, direct ported BV0/BV1/BV2 valve series is one of the latest additions to Bimba's line of pneumatic valves. The unique caged seal design allows the valve to offer larger orifices and therefore more flow in a compact package. Additionally, the new inline valve series leverages static seals, which provide greater longevity than traditional dynamic seals due to reduced seal friction. The BV0/BV1/BV2 series of inline valves are available in solenoid and air pilot operated models, and with internal or external pilot options.

Features & Benefits:
- Unique compact design provides high flow in a smaller machine footprint
- Static seals for maximized longevity
- Locking and non-locking manual override
- Designed to be continuously energized without burnout

Bimba's new modular sub-base BV18/BV26 valve series allows you to build the exact valve and manifold system or your application. Dynamic softseal spool options provide high flow with lower allowable leakage for all applications. Glandless spool and sleeve options provide long life at high pressures, and are perfect for high cycle, high pressure scenarios. All BV18/BV26 models can be converted between internal and external pilot options by flipping the gasket under the solenoid, allowing for greater application flexibility.

Features & Benefits:
- Shut-off plates allow for valve exchanges under pressure
- Flexible sub-base systems and dual spool technology provide a true multi-pressure system
- Odd and even-numbered manifolding options up 20 stations to build the exact valve block you need

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