Tech Talk - Removing Moisture from Compressed Air Lines Using Air Preparation

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Removing Moisture from Compressed Air Lines Using Air Preparation

Compressed air lines can run through all kinds of environments, including extreme temperature and pressure changes, and those can create water condensation. This condensation then moves downline to other components, causing long-term damage like:
- rusted pipes
- contaminated or washed out lubricants
- clogged air passages
- or even ending up in your finished products

All of this creates unnecessary downtime and repairs, and cuts into your operating expenses.

Separating this water from the air flow is a key part of keeping pneumatic systems working at peak efficiency. A steady supply of clean, dry air is a requirement when it comes to pneumatic components.

General purpose filters like Bimba’s PGF Series use the constant flow of air and centrifugal force to push water out of the air stream so it can be collected in the filter bowl. Then it can be manually or automatically drained.

This constant separation and filtration keeps other pneumatic components like valves and actuators working at peak productivity.

All PG series filters offer high efficiency water removal – 95% or higher! Polycarbonate and metal bowl options provide great line of sight when manual draining is required, and double locks on the bowls enhance safety by preventing accidental removal.

Industries with pneumatic machines benefit from water separation, especially ones that follow strict cleanliness standards, such as:
- Food and beverage
- Medical
- Pharmaceutical
- And packaging

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