Tech Talk - Single Stage Vacuum Pumps vs. Multi Stage for Pick and Place Applications

Tech Talk:

Single Stage Vacuum Pumps vs. Multi Stage for Pick and Place Applications

Today we’re going to talk about the difference between a single stage venturi vacuum pump versus a multi-stage venturi vacuum pump.

First we are going to discuss single stage venturi vacuum pumps. Bimba has offered single stage vacuum pumps for many years. The main advantage of single stage vacuum pumps is their straight-through design that allows dirt, dust, and other debris to pass right through the cartridge without ever clogging. There is no need for filters or cleaning because nothing gets clogged!

Single stage vacuum pumps significantly reduce downtime by eliminating the need to clean cartridges or replace vacuum filters or screens. In most applications where high flow rate isn’t a concern and those requiring 16 inches of mercury or more, the single stage vacuum pump would be the ideal choice.

Now we are going to look at multi-stage venturi vacuum pumps. Multi-stage vacuum pumps have been in the vacuum industry for a long time as well. Some people just simply prefer multi-stage vacuum pumps because that is what they have always used.

The big advantage of multi-stage vacuum pumps is that they offer high flow rates with lower air consumption which is ideal in applications where speed is critical right from the starting gate. When you first turn on the multi-stage pump at zero inches of mercury the flow rate is much faster than compared to a single stage pump, but once you reach above 12 inches of mercury the single stage vacuum pump typically will have a greater flow rate.

Most applications that require low vacuum levels, but high cycle times, the multi-stage pump is the way to go. Certain robots such as SCARA and Delta that are lightweight and rely on quick cycle times, the multi-stage vacuum pump will perform best in this type of application.

For more information about Bimba’s single stage and multi-stage vacuum pumps and the full Bimba vacuum product line, visit or contact your local Bimba distributor.

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