Tech Talk - Ultran Band Plus Rodless Pneumatic Actuator

Tech Talk:

Ultran Band Plus Rodless Pneumatic Actuator

Today we’re going to talk about the latest addition to our rodless actuator lineup, the Ultran Band Plus!

The Ultran Band Plus enhances our rodless actuator offering by introducing unique new design elements that improve on the existing Ultran Band without losing what made it a reliable favorite.

One of the keys to this new rodless actuator line is flexibility. The Ultran Band Plus offers a range of options compatible for light or heavy duty applications. It is available in eight bore sizes ranging from 16 to 80mm, and three carriage options: internally guided, externally guided, and roller bearing guided.

Traditional pneumatics rely on external guides to handle non-standard loads. However, the Ultran Band Plus has a unique extrusion with integrated guides to allow for its different carriage style offerings, giving you greater versatility when it comes to load handling.

The same components are used across all models to provide consistent, reliable performance.

The Ultran Band Plus utilizes a distinctive “zip-action” sealing design. The soft rubber inner seal mates with the extrusion to offer low static leak rates and consistent operation at any speed, while the unique profile of the cover strip provides dust protection with every model.

The lightweight aluminum construction saves on weight without compromising on sturdiness. Using different mounting accessories, the actuator can be mounted virtually anywhere. It can also be mounted directly to a machine with no additional accessories, saving even more weight. The absence of a rod also means that the Ultran Band Plus takes up to 50% less space than your average pneumatic actuator! All of these features add up to more applications where the Ultran Band Plus can be used.

For more information about the Ultran Band Plus and Bimba’s full Ultran line, visit or contact your local Bimba distributor.

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